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Dr.Vichit Lorluelert

Executive Chairman of Borthong33 Industrial Estate

Leader in metal trading business

                    For the past half a century, Dr.Vichit Lorluelert has been a leader in metal trading business in Thailand. He start in this industry with his ability to compete with world leaders, including Phillips, to become a leader in Thailand and has praised by public opinion to be “Leader in metal trading business”

                    Our Executive Chairman strongly committed to the development of our group business to be modern, continue to elevate and expand our business. He has expertise in metal business. He is not only build market for this business for more than 20 countries but also continue to increase sale revenue every year.  With his vision and concept to train staff to work efficiently, he expanded his territory, created bright future for investors in Borthong33 Industrial Estate, and laid strong and sustainable base for our industrial group.

                    For the past 50 years, Dr.Vichit Lorluelert was famous for social works, particularly in education. He has vision for social needs.  He operated his business with his own investment and projects for social that has innovation for many years. He devoted himself for education in Thailand and has many works about friendship between China and Thailand.

                   With his success in education works, Dr.Vichit Lorluelert said “I did not have anything in the past and I could not continue my education in secondary school. I will never forgotten what I had been taught. I want to give my financial and resources support to enhance stronger friendship between China and Thailand.”  Country development should come from human resources development to have ability to work efficiently thus I am interested in human resources development in education.

Construction of Borthong33 Industrial Estate

                    To promote the implementation of the project “Thailand 4.0” in Thailand and to support the need of foreign investors, our managements built new business on the basis of current business and aimed to create new investment channels for foreign investors in Thailand. Our industrial estate locates in the East of Thailand, 150 km. from Bangkok. Convenient transportation, unique location, beautiful environment and convenient for daily living. We are new industrial estate that is suitable for living and doing business. We also received BOI investment promotion and IEAT cooperation agreement in order to provide the best incentives for our business operators/foreign investors, for example, exemption/reduction of corporate income tax up to 13 years, 100% land ownership, one stop service by IEAT, permit to remit money abroad in foreign currency, permit to bring in skilled workers and experts to work in investment promoted activities, exemption/reduction of import duties on machinery, reduction of import duties of raw or essential materials, exemption of import duties on material imported for Research & Development purposes, etc.


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Thailand Board Of Investment (BOI)

Borthong33 Industrial Estate received privileges from BOI which enable business operators in Borthong33 Industrial Estate to apply for tax and non-tax privileges from BOI.

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Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)

Borthong33 Industrial Estate signed cooperation agreement with IEAT. Business operators in Borthong33 Industrial Estate can use One Stop Service provided by IEAT which will help them save cost and time to request all approvals for their operations.

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Division of Environmental Impact Assessment Development (EIA)

Borthong33 Industrial Estate received EIA approval


Construction of Borthong33 Industrial Estate

Construction of Borthong33 Industrial Estate began in 2020 and plan to finish by the end of 2022


Leader in industrial estate (including integrated utilities, energy and digital data service) and protect the environment.


Borthong33 Industrial Estate focus on meeting needs of our business partners. By implementing good governance policy for innovative and effective business plans to improve quality of life, environment, community safety and to build lasting relationship with business partners to achieve goals that benefit all parties in order to develop and focus on environment at the international standard.