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Utilities with modern technology for customer convenience

Pattaya Chonburi Thailand - 28 May 2019 : Beautiful landscape and cityscape of Pattaya city is popular destination in Thailand with white cloud and blue sky

Strategic Operation Cost

Inexpensive land price, worth for investment, filling and surface adjustment for land base


Market Center 

Driven by modern technology. Connect with society and economy and be an environment friendly industrial estate.

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Livable Environment

Surrounding environment is convenient for living and it is near important places.

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Center of Labour, Resources and Materials

Cooperate with local education institutions to support talent development in the region.

Dr.Vichit Lorluelert

Executive Chairman of Borthong33 Industrial Estate

Borthong33 Industrial Estate is a new industrial estate with modern technology and eco-friendly environment operation which is in line with S-Curve industry of Thailand 4.0 industrial development plan.


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Thailand Board Of Investment (BOI)

Borthong33 Industrial Estate received privileges from BOI which enable business operators in Borthong33 Industrial Estate to apply for tax and non-tax privileges from BOI.

reservoir canals and dams artificially made by people

Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)

Borthong33 Industrial Estate signed cooperation agreement with IEAT. Business operators in Borthong33 Industrial Estate can use One Stop Service provided by IEAT which will help them save cost and time to request all approvals for their operations.

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Division of Environmental Impact Assessment Development (EIA)

Borthong33 Industrial Estate received EIA approval


Construction of Borthong33 Industrial Estate

Construction of Borthong33 Industrial Estate began in 2020 and plan to finish by the end of 2022


Borthong33 Industrial Estate